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Tenant Evection Service: Housing Proposals Suggested by UK Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron the Prime Minister of United Kingdom takes measures in his hands, which announce plans for building cheaper homes intended for those under 40 years, which for the first time buy but also to use public land for homes. George Osborn said in an article that having an own place is an important part of our economy. We do not want to be a country that if you are rich, then you can buy real estate, but if you are not rich then this question is impossible for you.


  • The Right to Buy Scheme

The Right to Buy scheme, which already applies to the majority of council tenants will officially be extended to 1.3 million housing association of tenants, which will receive a discount of 70% in order to buy their own home. In defense of these schemes against those who think that all this will reduce significantly the housing stock. Mr. Cameron and Mr. Osborne said: By helping those people to have their own home, through right to buy, we can turn tenants into future houses owners and reduce housing benefits bills.


  • The government will build 200.000 starter homes

The government decides to make a step which is to build 200,000 “starter homes,” which will be sold below the market rate for those first time buying a house under 40 years. They say that they will call the local councils in order to provide a land with planning permission for those who want to build their own homes to double the number of custom- built houses in the United Kingdom.


  • David Cameron with vision to solve the social problems

A “program of regeneration” will create a part around the railway stations in order to liberate the land from the public sector for about 150.000 homes. David Cameron has set its vision on how to tackle and solve the deep-rooted social problems that are affecting the UK, but also to try to seize the political center for a generation by adopting a true opportunity and true equality in the country.  For Evicting Tenants call 020 8088 9012.

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